USPS Liteblue Change of Address for Postal Employees

Here in this post, we will discuss how to change the address for Postal Employees Liteblue USPS. While this guide will help you a lot if you don’t know the process to change the address of Postal Employees. The United States of America has the largest networks of several services like the mail service on which we are going to discuss here in this post today. While this post is specifically about USPS Liteblue Change of Address for Postal Employees. Before knowing the process, first, let us discuss USPS.

The United States Postal Services(USPS) is the largest postal service organization in the world. While it has many services and serves for almost over 620,000 employees who manage the whole nations mails and courier services from one spot to another. Furthermore, the USPS Liteblue portal that helps the employees of USPS to have an idea or manage their payroll, employment, and career aspects directly.

And most of the USPS employees have the query about how to change their address detail. Well, follow the post where we will guide you for the same.

USPS Liteblue Change of Address through portal

The USPS LiteBlue portal provides many benefits to its employees or its clients. While the LiteBlue portal is only for the USPS employees. Every employee of the USPS will have an account in the LiteBlue portal and by accessing that he can get many benefits. And you must remember if you are not an employee of USPS portal, do not attempt to login or else you may become liable for legal action.

By accessing your Lite Blue portal account, you can check your duties, performance creditability, loan request, and sanctions, Payroll or salary scripts, etc. And you must complete your profile by filling the valid address here such as Names, Age, Residential address, family members, etc. If you want to change the address, then there are several ways to do so. You can check them below.

Steps For USPS Liteblue Change of Address for Postal Employees

While you can change the address in the portal itself and it is the easiest way. Check the steps below to understand the USPS Liteblue change of address process;

  • First of all, you have to open the USPS Liteblue Login page. You can open using this link here.
  • After opening the page, you have to enter your Employee ID and your “USPS password”
  • You can find your Employee ID on your ID card.
  • And if you do not remember your password then do not worry as you can recover it.
  • You have to click on forgot the password and then you can recover your password.
  • Then using your Employee ID and password, you can log in enter your account.
  • After that, you have to go to the “My HR” tab and there you have to choose “CHANGE MY ADDRESS” and followed by “Edit” option.
  • There you can edit your address details or the contact details such as your phone number, mailing address, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Then you can check them by selecting the “REVIEW” option.
  • If the details are correct, then you can save them by selecting the “SAVE” option on the screen.

That is it, now the details will be changed.


USPS Liteblue Change of Address by other methods

It is not compulsory that you have to change your details in the portal itself. You can do the same by several ways. You can check the different ways to change your account details below.

Use of USPS Kiosk: You can use the USPS Kiosk that is located at distribution centers and some Post Offices to change your account details. While you can access the Kiosk desk for this and the officials there will help you with the Change of Address.

Use of Postal Mail: While there is an address for which you can send your application form (Form 1216). And then you can change the details of your USPS account. You can send your application to:

Use of Phone service: While you can also use the phone service to change your USPS account details. You can call this number: “877-477-3273” and they will respond to your call. While the executive will help you with the change of address service.